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Captain Dustin Lee and Joe M. Perez III teamed up in the summer of 2007 and found that they had the chemistry necessary to compete as a team. Their passion and knowledge of inshore saltwater fishing proved to be the right recipe for the professional tournament circuit. Each angler brings their unique techniques and tactics as well as the desire to be competitive. Each has specific knowledge of different areas and locations and the adaptiveness to trust their instincts in unfamiliar waters. "You need to have faith in your teammate and have the right chemistry that will allow to collectively make the rights choices especially when conditions change and patterns change," stated Perez. "We have alot of fun together. We are always focused on our objective, but we still have to have fun doing what we are doing. We are privileged just to be able to be out on the water enjoying this wonderful sport. Even though we are competing for the trophy, Dustin and I are constantly laughing and giving each other a hard time. If someone blunders we don't let the other live it down. It's this type of chemistry that makes us a great fit at this level. We know when to focus and turn up the heat but still allow ourselves to enjoy life," claimed Perez.

The 2009 tournament season will certainly have it's challenges but Team Fish'n Addiction is ready for the competition.

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March 6, 2010
Texas Redfish Series – Port Aransas
April 17, 2010
IFA – Port Lavaca